#259 – Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters

Just one of the many A-list artists performing in the virtual inaugural celebration this evening, Foo Fighters were once in my regular listening rotation, but they have had several albums since I stopped paying close attention.  This was truly a monumental day, both in the firsts that occurred – mainly the first black, south Asian and female vice president – but also the unusual circumstances surrounding the event.  The lowest point in the part of American history that I have been alive for occurred on the same spot only two weeks ago, an event that made our situation seem as bleak as anything could.  And yet, today began a new chapter of hope and possibility that was accompanied by so much unexpected relief.  I don’t think I was able to fully appreciate how negative an impact 45 had on my day-to-day life until today when the fog was lifted.  Even supporters of our thankfully former president must be able to recognize that our nation was on the brink of tearing itself apart and today represents the possibility of some civility returning to our political discourse.  I realize this is something of an illusion that our right-leaning members of congress will quickly dispel, if they haven’t already, but lets all just dream a little of what could be and hope that the outrages of the past four years are never repeated.

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