#13 – Blond by Frank Ocean

This year would’ve been my sixth in a row working on the Coachella webcast.  It has been both my favorite gig of the year and a time of musical discovery each time.  The loss of live music in general has been a huge hit.  I have a stack of increasingly useless tickets that represent the summer that was supposed to be.  The loss of the work and income from Coachella is bad enough, but the loss of that exposure to unknown-to-me artists has really left a hole that eventually led to the creation of this blog.  With that in mind, I’ll probably be choosing a lot of artists that I would have seen for the first time at Coachella 2020.  It seems fitting to start with Frank Ocean, who would’ve been the Sunday headliner.  This is a fantastic album.  There are so many amazing moments on Blond that one could write a lot about.  The production is amazing and features some amazing and tasteful use of vocal effects.  There’s also a lot of great guitar and keys work.  Honestly, I can’t imagine not liking an artist with lyrics about dropping acid alone in his apartment.  All I can think about is how great it would’ve been to see live. Maybe in October…

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