#12 – How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood

This is the second album by the drum and bass duo from Brighton and one that I was really looking forward to.  Their sound is great and having been introduced to them in a live setting really highlighted how clever their presentation is.  I’ve been a fan of two-man bands in the past, so it’s exciting to see someone bringing new ideas to this type of performance.  That being said, this album is slightly underwhelming.  Throughout recording history, it often happens that a good band’s second album is considered disappointing.  You get your whole life to write and perfect your first album.  Really it’s the defining achievement of their career and the one that gets them financial success.  However, once that happens, you’re henceforth under the gun to put out new material quickly.  As a result, the sophomore album can contain incomplete ideas and developmental issues.  I’m not saying How Did We Get So Dark? necessarily falls into this category, but it also doesn’t quite live up to their debut.  This all makes it that much more impressive when an artist can seamlessly move to their next project.

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