#4 – Autobahn by Kraftwerk

I was about to pick a Little Richard album for today’s selection, when it occurred to me that I hadn’t listened to a Kraftwerk album the day that Florian Schneider died, so I wanted to circle back and do that. I’ve listened to a small selection of their music over the years, usually at the urging of an obsessed friend, but never listened to an album straight through. That said, I really liked Autobahn. The influence Kraftwerk has had on a wide array of artists is right in your face on this one. The sounds that can be heard on Autobahn remind me of so many different modern songs that its really hard to imagine what music would be like today without them. Not to mention the atmospheric film scores that clearly followed their example. Anyone that loves synthesizers owes these guys a debt of gratitude. I will definitely be exploring the rest of their catalog.

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