#2 – World As a Waiting Room by White Denim

These guys are a lot of fun. Their fast-paced country guitar licks are what pulled me in when I saw White Denim on an episode of Austin City Limits, an unexpected highlight of American Airlines’ in flight entertainment. World As a Waiting Room, their latest release, also features some moments that feel like they would not be out of place at a Thin Lizzy concert, and some that could be from a lounge act. This is probably the most diverse-sounding album of theirs that I’ve heard, and I am definitely a fan of the new angles. I’ve been trying to see White Denim live for several years, but it never seems to work out. Their rescheduled visit to Los Angeles in August would be nice to look forward to, if I thought there would be concerts again by then, but I don’t. I’m still going to buy tickets, but I’m expecting to throw them on the ever-increasing pile of cancelled tickets.

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