#482 – New Found Power by Damageplan

After the metal-ish selection that I listened to yesterday, I was hungry for something with a little more or a thrash vibe. One of my favorites is Pantera, whose heavy grooves set them apart from most metal bands. Their guitarist, the late, great Dimebag Darrell, is a guitar hero of mine who brought a melodic musicality to his shredding that sets him apart from anyone else in the genre. Post-Pantera, he and his brother, double bass monster Vinnie Paul, went on to form Damageplan. The band was short lived, however, as Dime was gunned down on stage by a deranged fan while performing. Though it was an extremely metal way to go out, it was also an unbelievably tragic loss for the guitar world. Not seeing Dime live is one of the most regrettable failings in my concert-going career.

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