#283 – Free by Phabo

Another day that shall go down in American history as one of disgrace, and perhaps a signpost on the path of decline of our democracy.  One partisan group put their party before their country and the other shamefully backed down in the face of an opportunity to clearly gain the moral high ground.  The house impeachment managers put together an impressive and very thorough case and attempted to exhaust all of their options in pursuit of said case, only to be pressured by senate democratic leadership to back down on their desire to call live witnesses.  I know anyone with even the slightest progressive leanings has high hopes for the next two years under democratic leadership, but to me this is not a positive sign.  The ruthless commitment to forwarding conservative policy issues that has been demonstrated over the past four years needs to be met with equal, or greater, aggressive action in the other direction, but it seems unlikely that the democratic establishment has the stomach or the inclination for that kind of action.  I sure hope I’m wrong, though, in spite of years of evidence to the contrary.

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