#278 – Cosmic Music by John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane

This past year has been filled with consequential moments for America and the whole world alike.  A great many of them have been tragic and/or pivotal moments, historically.  Only time will tell how this time is remembered, but it seems likely that the events that have transpired and our reaction to them will shape American society for many years to come.  This week will be another of these events that inform generations to come what kind of a place the United States is, or perhaps, was.  This may seem hyperbolic, but I truly believe the action or inaction taken in response to our former president’s incitement of his followers is one of those Robert Frost path choices from which there may be no way back.  It will be a harbinger of either the promise of the renewal of our democracy or that if it’s impending doom at the hands of zealots and foul opportunists.  Go America. 

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