#251 – Honeysuckle Weeks by The Submarines

The past week has been pretty surreal. It’s hard to believe that only seven days ago, we were sitting here waiting for the results of the Georgia senatorial elections. The amount of insanity that has bubbled over in this country is pretty intense. More than anything, it’s yet another reminder of just how fractured American society really is at this point. People at different parts of the political spectrum, even on the same side, have no real idea about what is going on with each other. With the extreme polarization of the political scene and people slowly waking up to the reality of what kind of country America really is, things are as uncertain as I can remember them being in my lifetime. We are literally preparing for an angry, factually deprived section of our population to wage the equivalent of a holy war against forces that truly do not exist, for reasons that have no basis in reality. I suppose that has always been the case on some level, as long as America has existed, but never before has it been rubbed in our collective faces quite like this, or been so imminently close to actualization. Hopefully my perception is once again off base and we can go back to focusing on our continued failure to contain the pandemic.

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