#108 – King’s Disease by Nas

Today is the first day I’ve ever written my post while the sun is still up.  I’m not sure if its completely meaningless or an important breakthrough, but it seemed worth mentioning.  I haven’t listened to a Nas album since 2001’s Stillmatic, so when a coworker mentioned his new album having come out today, it seemed like the only move.  For those of you that grew up with 90s hip hop, this album will feel like going home again.  Even with cameos form some of today’s hottest artists, it feels like 1998, in the most glorious way.  It makes me wonder if Nas and Jay-Z still have beef.  I’m going to pause and google that. 

The internets have informed me that they reconciled some time ago.  They even performed together at Coachella 2014.  It turns out there is no beef that can’t be quashed.  So many lessons to be learned from the music world.

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