#100 – Amos Lee by Amos Lee

We’re going to take a little break from the Kevin Bacon game because today is the 100th installment of NAAD.  I have commissioned this pick from Mrs. NAAD, who truly felt the weight of responsibility that this assignment carried.  I thank her for the contribution as well as respecting the gravity of this moment.  We listened together while enjoying our favorite pandemic pastime: darts.  I don’t generally listen to Amos Lee’s style of music.  I’m certainly not opposed to it, as I play a lot of solo acoustic guitar myself, but I gravitate towards more energetic and dynamic music.  But now, having been given this selection, the taste and perspective of another person has been interjected into my day.  This really is the essence of this blog: a new perspective that comes with a new experience each and every day.  I didn’t really have plan for how long to keep this going, but now that I’ve made it a part of my daily routine, I can’t imagine deciding to call it quits.   

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