#70 – Peter Gabriel 4: Security by Peter Gabriel

I never really explored the Genesis catalog until a few years ago.  When I was young, my dad had all of the later albums, which I assumed was representative of the entire catalog.  Obviously, now I know that in that era they are a completely different band than they were at the time of the early albums.  In a way, that is an interesting accomplishment by itself.  What other bands have had such significant shakeups over the years and still made successful albums?  Not to mention the wildly successful solo careers of Collins and Gabriel.  I’m sure there are some key examples that I’m missing and, if more than ten people were actually reading this blog, they might point out the obvious omissions.  This one was actually recommended by a reader, so thanks to Dan!  To the rest of my hypothetical audience, please leave a comment or message me with your suggestions.  I look forward to the rabbit holes that those recommendations will lead me down!

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