#69 – Ty Segall by Ty Segall

Here we go again.  The opportunities presented by the original quarantine to unite the country in our efforts to track and contain Covid-19 have been more than squandered, we’ve gone so far in the wrong direction that we are now global pariahs.  The entire world would be laughing at us, but our failure poses a such huge threat to every other country that they are watching with anything from disbelief to horror.  I hope the anti-mask set can see how beneficial it will be to them to get onboard the science train and that there is no other route back to anything resembling what our lives once were.  I hope that, but I certainly don’t expect any miracles on that front.  There are far too many people who believe themselves to be modern cowboys or patriots who will never fall into line about anything because “You can’t tell me what to do, I’ve got rights!”  Of course, we can’t really even begin to address the issues with the willfully ignorant, dissenting citizens of our country until we have strong leadership from the federal government.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it will be possible until January at the earliest, and maybe not for a lot longer than that.  It seems crazy to me that there are still people who believe we’re going in the right direction, either in the pandemic or just the country in general, but I also thought it was unthinkable that there would ever be a President Trump, so what do I know?

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