#55 – Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me!

A punk band with a transgender lead singer might sound strange, but after listening to this album it can’t possible be more fitting.  The raw emotion and energy that typifies this genre goes so well with the subject matter and life experiences being discussed that it feels like the punk world should be co-opted by the trans community.  Punk rockers have always held themselves apart from society, both in appearance and attitude.  Though transgender and non-binary people do seek acceptance and equality in society, they also celebrate and emphasize the very things that make them distinct and different.  Music is a wonderful medium in this way.  There are no set rules or norms concerning the appearance of an artist no matter what genre they are placed into.  The freeness of artistic expression that they are afforded makes it a sanctuary for many who are considered unusual and would not be so accepted in other fields.  I think a little of that attitude sprinkled liberally over America as a whole would benefit everyone, but especially members of the LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities.  No matter where you came from or how you look, the only things that should matter are your actions and the way you interact with others.  Sounds simple, right?

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