#54 – Honky Château by Elton John

What would a Pride-themed music selection be without a little Elton John.  There are few openly gay artists who have had the impact that Sir Elton has had on the world, both as a musician and philanthropist.  His music and style have always been flamboyantly on display and its hard to think of too many other artists who have remained at the top of their game, and stay fresh in the public’s mind, as he has for close to sixty years.  The body of work that he and lyricist Bernie Taupin created from the 1960s-90s is astounding and all that was before he reached a new generational audience with his work on The Lion King.  If you were born after 1980 in America, it would be surprising if you couldn’t sing a decent karaoke version of “Hakuna Matata.”  By the way, I’m a little ashamed that I still haven’t seen Rocketman, which my mom has repeatedly insisted that I do.  I’ll get to it eventually.

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