#56 – Church Tapes by KC Ortiz

A trans woman and former Air Force personnel, KC Ortiz has an unusual resumé for a rapper.  Her religious upbringing features heavily in the appropriately named Church Tapes, which makes the juxtaposition between her beliefs and her gender identity all the more prominent.  She is clearly a person who likes to be challenged and is not afraid to put it all out there, an impressive representative for the trans community.  Of course, there is no definitive formula for a successful music career, but the combination of her background and talent make it seem impossible for her not to break into the mainstream rap scene sooner or later.  There are few minorities more marginalized than Black trans women, so it’s crucial to have them represented in various industries.  The honesty and bravery with which KC Ortiz lives her life should be inspirational to anyone who has lofty goals or would like to live with full self-awareness and confidence. 

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