#44 – Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle

This man came up today in a conversation about people we never got to see live.  Its always tragic to see a beloved artist die so young and we’re unfortunately all too familiar with stories of overdosed celebrities, but it’s another thing altogether to have them murdered in broad daylight.  There are always going to be those who live a little too hard, party too much, etc. and remove themselves from the earth prematurely by various means, but it seems easier to take when it’s something they have chosen to do to themselves.  Having the death caused by someone else adds just a little more sting to it.  Nipsey Hussle was just gaining momentum with with a mainstream music career and, like too many others, he had it all taken away by a rash actor.  We are left to listen to what he created while he was here, appreciating what we are fortunate enough to have and mourning the lost life and its lost potential. 

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