#45 – Face Your Fear by Curtis Harding

This album discovery is another triumph of Spotify’s algorithms.  It really lets me be lazy about finding my selections.  Curtis Harding seems to have been born in the wrong decade.  This album would sound just as at home in the ‘70s as it does now.  I’m sure it’s just that I am not well versed in the current soul scene, but I didn’t think music like this was still being produced.  At least we have great new music available at our fingertips at all times.  It helps to offset and sometimes drown out the chaos.  Today was another weird day in the new normal of modern America, by which I mean the events of the day should seem surreal and bizarre to us.  The fact that we take it all in stride speaks to the uncharted territory we find ourselves in.  So much uncertainty pervades each day that it is increasingly important to have our own little retreat to save our sanity.  For me, it has been this blog and the new music it has led me to discover.  I hope everyone has found something that can be so effective for themselves and if you haven’t, I’ll keep picking a new album each day for us to explore.

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