#43 – There’s A Riot Goin’ On by Sly And The Family Stone

Since yesterday’s selection was a Marvin Gaye album, tonight’s will be one that was named in response to a Marvin Gaye album (What’s Going On).  How’s that for a loose connection?  The riot mentioned apparently is one that was blamed on the band themselves after a free show they were to play in a Chicago park in 1970 descended into chaos before their set started.  There’s been quite a bit of activity recently that has been termed rioting by members of law enforcement, the media and the disciples of both, but since all of the aggression seen at the demonstrations has been initiated by police officers, it doesn’t seem right to call these people rioters.  They are marchers, chanters, non-violent resisters and all kinds of social justice crusaders.  They are not trying to sow havoc.  They are trying to express their constitutionally protected outrage and dissatisfaction at what their country has become, at what their communities have become.  We should all be joining them.

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