#30 – Mama’s Gun by Erykah Badu

With everything going on in the world, it’s pretty tempting to try to disconnect from reality with any number of distractions.  Music has always been a great escape for me, so it’s been helpful this week to have a steady stream of protest music by activist artists.  It makes for a nice mixture of great artwork and staying focused on the issues of the day, namely getting the police in this country under control.  Every day of the demonstrations, there has been a steady stream of video evidence of excessive force being used indiscriminately.  Seeing a line of Buffalo police officers, looking like they were pretty fired up to be there, knocking over and badly injuring an elderly protestor really shows that the police aren’t listening.  The immediate onus is on the leadership to direct their officers responding to demonstrations to not attack peaceful protestors.  What a great show of unity that would be to see the NYPD or LAPD suddenly take a humane approach towards American citizens exercising their constitutional rights.  They’ve had plenty of time to think about and reform their tactics over the last week, so there may need to be a lot of new police chiefs around the country.  Some people will not be able to change in the ways that are necessary, and they will need to be weeded out.  We should all be reaching out to our mayors’ offices if our local police leadership is not doing the right thing.  A lot of people are getting this wrong and we can’t afford to live with that any longer.  

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