#7 – Gece by Altin Gun

Another Spotify discovery that I was once recommending to everyone who would listen is Altin Gun, a Turkish funk rock band that sounds straight out of the ‘70s.  Gece picked right up where On, their first album, left off.  Its amazing to hear the classic funk guitar effects and psychedelic synth parts blended so well with a Middle-Eastern flavor.  At times, it felt like it could’ve been the soundtrack to a Blaxploitation film, until the Turkish instruments and lyrics come in, of course.  On a day that really highlighted the unfortunate circumstances that we find ourselves in, it really helped to have the momentary escape of new music, especially that from a different culture.  The power of music to bring the world together could really be a helpful tool right now.  The world’s leaders don’t seem to listen to enough of each other’s music for that, though.  

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