#6 – Bahamas is Afie by Bahamas

One of my favorite things about Spotify is the next song that the app chooses when an album ends. I had never heard of Bahamas when a song from this album came on after yesterday’s Norah Jones album ended, but I immediately knew I would be hearing the rest of Bahamas is Afie at some point. As my wife, Shaina, and I were having a drink and watching sunset from our backyard, it seemed like the obvious choice. The peaceful confines of our entire world at the moment went well with the mood of Bahamas is Afie. There are the mellow, folky sounds that put it in the same genre as Norah Jones, but there’s also higher energy guitar-driven moments and the epic sound of orchestral instrumentation. I really enjoyed this one and will certainly be delving deeper into the Bahamas catalog. This blog was begun with the intention of regularly discovering new music, but this is the first selection by an artist that is completely new to me and it makes me excited for the albums to come.

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