#877 – Walk Out Boy 3 by walkie

The war in Ukraine has been the source of untold horrors for so many people and on so many levels. It is devastating to read the news each day of more and more atrocities and apparent war crimes being brought to the doorsteps of ordinary Ukrainians. Even though they are technically the aggressors, the Russian people also are being victimized in many ways by their brutal governing regime. Recently, Moscow has been implementing an aggressive conscription program geared towards shoring up the numbers in their military, forcing many unwilling Russians to take up arms. Some, like today’s artist, a popular and successful rapper, are so against the prospect that they have chosen to take their own lives rather than be forced to kill for a cause that they refuse to support. It will be many years before the full toll of this brutal occupation is known, if ever. The many layers of tragedy there are hard to comprehend.

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