#328 – Still Life by Kodomo

This week marked the start of the Derek Chauvin murder trial. For anyone who has spent the last year under a rock, Chauvin is the former Minneapolis police officer who unnecessarily knelt on the neck of George Floyd until he died. He has become the symbol of out-of-control, violent policing in America and his trial will be a major turning point in the quest for police accountability, regardless of the verdict. It’s a pretty clear-cut case with many witnesses and video evidence, but the cynic in me has a hard time trusting a jury in the Midwest to convict a white cop, albeit a famously disgraced and fired one, of the murder of a Black man. Let there be no question about my personal support of the BLM movement, but be that as it may, my knowledge of American history and our criminal justice system makes me think that more demonstrations are coming. I sincerely hope I’m wrong and that America has turned away from its lackluster history of quasi-justice.

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