#257 – Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by New Radicals

This one popped up in my news feed the other day after it was announced that the New Radicals would be reuniting for one performance of “You Get What You Give” as part of the inauguration ceremony for our new president, Joe Biden.  It feels really great to write that, almost as great as it’s going to feel to say “Former President Trump.”  Despite their one-album career and breakup almost immediately following the release of said album, the single has a special place in the Biden family.  President Biden’s (just trying it on for size) late son Beau made his family listen to “You Get What You Give” on a daily basis while he battled cancer, and they considered it to be his theme song.  It has a message of perseverance, with such fitting lyrics as “This whole damn world can fall apart.  You’ll be ok, just follow your heart.”  A perfect message for these troubled and controversial times.    

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