#228 – Fetch The Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple

It has been many years since I listened to a Fiona Apple album, so when her latest offering appeared on some critic’s albums of the year list I had to go for it.  If you can’t tell, my selection process is very organic, with the choice often seeming to have been made for me in the course of my day.  This is not to suggest that I see it as fate to have picked something on a particular day, but I do find that something appropriate to the moment often reveals itself in this process.  Anyway, this album is very interesting, with a lot of non-traditional percussion instruments to be found throughout.  It was apparently recorded predominantly in Garage Band, which is hardly the gold standard in music production.  This adds an element of rawness to the album that might not be able to show through on a very polished studio album. 

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