#212 – I Forget Where We Were by Ben Howard

If you’re following the news at all, you’ve probably heard about the spate of monoliths appearing – and disappearing – around the world.  Any science fiction fan or conspiracy theorist can’t help but be excited by the possible explanations.  The mystery surrounding them has driven the public’s fascination, so it only makes sense that some religious wackos would come along and ruin it for everyone.  The third monolith to appear was in Atascadero, California, and it was torn down by a group of entitled, young white men who saw it as an opportunity to show their devotion to Jesus Christ, or something like that.  As an American who rejects religion entirely, I have spent a lifetime rolling my eyes at the self-serving and performative nature of Christianity, so it comes as little surprise that people would seize this opportunity to give Jesus the publicity that he has been sorely lacking.  It’s in times like these that I remember the picture of one of my favorite billboards, which reads: “Religion is like a penis.  It’s fine to have one.  It’s fine to be proud of it.  But please don’t wave it around in public or try to jam it down my kid’s throat.”  

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