#206 – Music to be Murdered By by Eminem

I heard the tail end of “Forgot About Dre” as I got into the car today and it left me wanting to hear some Eminem.  From there I noticed that there are several of his albums that I’ve never heard, so here we are.  Every time I think about Eminem I am reminded of two things.  One is the first time I saw the video for “My Name Is…”  The other is an appearance that he made during the broadcast of a college football bowl game many years ago.  The game was either in Detroit or had the University of Michigan as one of the teams.  Regardless, Eminem was the local celebrity they chose to talk to during the halftime show.  His interview was very awkward, with disjointed responses to the commentators and even some blank staring at something off camera.  Looking back, I now realize he was probably on acid.  There are few things that I find as respectable in the entertainment world as a celebrity doing a live TV appearance sans sobriety.

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