#179 – Aerial Ballet by Harry Nilsson

I’ve been finding myself thinking a lot about what the great minds of the past would make of the current American predicament.  I’m sure there would be the full spectrum of reactions, many of them that might surprise us, but I’d still like to know what, for example, George Carlin would have said about this election.  What would Kurt Vonnegut or Hunter S. Thompson write about it.  What would John Lennon or Frank Zappa have to say?  Obviously, from the selection that I have chosen you can make an educated guess about my politics, and I’d like to think they would be well-represented by similar ones who came before, but who knows?  They might find my views embarrassingly reactionary, or maybe naïve.  In my fantasy, the great artists that I admire would mirror my own positions, but maybe that’s the kind of thinking that led us to where we are.

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