#177 – Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants

This album seemed appropriate for 2020, as a refusal by a part of America to listen to accepted science is allowing Covid-19 to run rampant through the country.  It is extra frustrating to hear people spewing their ignorant, conspiracy theory-laden opinions to anyone who will listen, however the acceptance of these ideas is often mind-blowing.  Anyone with even the most basic critical thinking ability should be able to sniff out the obvious bullshit that is going around, but this makes the assumption that there is some baseline standard of education that is being attained in this country.  The youth of America have been actively failed by our leadership for decades now and the Trump administration is the inevitable result of this.  Of course, if the goals of the people in power are not to serve the interests of the populace, but rather to create consumer/zombies to be fed to the monster that is American capitalism, it’s a lot easier to see why we’ve come to this place.      

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