#48 – Under Construction by Missy Elliott

This album is excellent.  The beats are great, as you would expect from Timbaland, and the tracks feature some amazing guest appearances, including Method Man, Ludacris, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.  Now I will be spending the rest of the evening listening to more of those artists.  The situation we find our country in really makes you look for some comic relief and/or satisfaction wherever you can find it.  Today I saw what is probably my favorite political advertisement of all time.  The Lincoln Project, an organization of republicans dedicated to getting Trump out of office, released an ad that features a compilation of our dear, confused leader unconvincingly explaining his poor ramp performance at the West Point commencement ceremony.  That public speaking master class is followed by footage of Joe Biden’s attempt at the same ramp at the same ceremony in 2016 and punctuated by a slogan that I sincerely hope will be adopted as a campaign slogan: “He’s not a whiny bitch.”  A few presidencies ago it would’ve been unthinkable for a group of lifelong republicans to put out an attack ad on a president from their own party.  How far we’ve come.

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