#11 – Around The World In A Day by Prince

The first celebrity I met when I moved to LA was Prince.  I was sleeping on some friends’ couch at the time and someone from their weekly poker game offered me a day of work on some music video.  When I arrived at the address I had been given, I found that it was Prince’sContinue reading “#11 – Around The World In A Day by Prince”

#10 – WHOKILL by Tune-Yards

My sister was delighted to introduce me to this artist, and my wife and I started listening to WHOKILL as we sat down to dinner.  No more than 20 seconds into the first song and we were both excited about it.  This might be my new favorite artist.  Alternately described as indie, pop and experimental,Continue reading “#10 – WHOKILL by Tune-Yards”

#9 – Turmoil & Tinfoil by Billy Strings

Billy Strings is a maniac on acoustic guitar.  He apparently played in some hard rock and metal bands when he was younger and you can definitely hear those influences in both his playing and even some of his lyrics.  The juxtaposition of violent, metal lyrics with bluegrass shredding is extremely entertaining and surprising at theContinue reading “#9 – Turmoil & Tinfoil by Billy Strings”

#7 – Gece by Altin Gun

Another Spotify discovery that I was once recommending to everyone who would listen is Altin Gun, a Turkish funk rock band that sounds straight out of the ‘70s.  Gece picked right up where On, their first album, left off.  Its amazing to hear the classic funk guitar effects and psychedelic synth parts blended so wellContinue reading “#7 – Gece by Altin Gun”

#3 – Forest of Lost Children by Kikagaku Moyo

The first two albums of this blog were the latest release by their respective artists, so today I decided to go in the other direction and pick an early album. It’s always fun to go through the back catalog of a band you have discovered, and Kikagaku Moyo is no exception. These guys are fromContinue reading “#3 – Forest of Lost Children by Kikagaku Moyo”

#2 – World As a Waiting Room by White Denim

These guys are a lot of fun. Their fast-paced country guitar licks are what pulled me in when I saw White Denim on an episode of Austin City Limits, an unexpected highlight of American Airlines’ in flight entertainment. World As a Waiting Room, their latest release, also features some moments that feel like they wouldContinue reading “#2 – World As a Waiting Room by White Denim”