#19 – Ladies of the Canyon by Joni Mitchell

I was going through the Nick Drake catalog this evening and it somehow led me to Joni Mitchell.  I knew she was a legendary songwriter and a really interesting guitar player, but had never spent any time on her albums.  For a long time, the only performance of hers that I had seen was fromContinue reading “#19 – Ladies of the Canyon by Joni Mitchell”

#18 – BLUE by iamamiwhoami

This album caught my attention by its description as an “independent audiovisual project” and I assume the visual part adds a lot to a performance, as it so often does.  I was expecting something a little more experimental, and indeed, the opening track is definitely something to get excited about.  After that, though, I wasContinue reading “#18 – BLUE by iamamiwhoami”

#17 – Secrets by Herbie Hancock

People say that nothing brings back a memory like a specific smell and I think that music has an equally powerful connection.  You remember exactly when and where you first heard a favorite song or artist.  Herbie Hancock has long been a favorite jazz artist of mine and his extensive catalog has a lot toContinue reading “#17 – Secrets by Herbie Hancock”

#16 – Crush by Floating Points

Over the past several years, I’ve been enjoying electronic music a lot more than I ever thought possible.  The incredible variety in today’s musical landscape has generated many great artists that are genres unto themselves.   Noticing the common inspirations between artists that I like leads me through some fun stream-of-consciousness listening experiences.  You never knowContinue reading “#16 – Crush by Floating Points”

#15 – Invisible People by Chicano Batman

Today is my first, and hopefully last, quarantine birthday!  I wanted to pick an artist that I have good memories of seeing live since that is the thing I am missing the most these day.  I had never heard of Chicano Batman before I saw them play an early afternoon set on the Outdoor StageContinue reading “#15 – Invisible People by Chicano Batman”

#14 – Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch by Frank Zappa

Back to back guys named Frank. Rookie mistake. Zappa has a fun, and massive, catalog to explore.  He’s a guitar hero with a truly bizarre sense of humor both towards music and society in general.  If you want a good YouTube rabbit hole, check out Frank’s appearances on the various late night shows of theContinue reading “#14 – Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch by Frank Zappa”

#12 – How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood

This is the second album by the drum and bass duo from Brighton and one that I was really looking forward to.  Their sound is great and having been introduced to them in a live setting really highlighted how clever their presentation is.  I’ve been a fan of two-man bands in the past, so it’sContinue reading “#12 – How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood”

#11 – Around The World In A Day by Prince

The first celebrity I met when I moved to LA was Prince.  I was sleeping on some friends’ couch at the time and someone from their weekly poker game offered me a day of work on some music video.  When I arrived at the address I had been given, I found that it was Prince’sContinue reading “#11 – Around The World In A Day by Prince”

#10 – WHOKILL by Tune-Yards

My sister was delighted to introduce me to this artist, and my wife and I started listening to WHOKILL as we sat down to dinner.  No more than 20 seconds into the first song and we were both excited about it.  This might be my new favorite artist.  Alternately described as indie, pop and experimental,Continue reading “#10 – WHOKILL by Tune-Yards”