#248 – The Journey by Lionel Loueke

I first became aware of West African guitarist Lionel Loueke when he was performing as a member of Herbie Hancock’s band.  It was an amazing experience at a literally life-changing time for me.  I had not intended to go out that night as it was the due date of my first child.  As there wasContinue reading “#248 – The Journey by Lionel Loueke”

#246 – Burgers by Hot Tuna

I’ve been watching Jorma Kaukonen’s streaming performance series throughout the pandemic and would recommend it to any lover of guitar music.  It goes out live from his Fur Peace Ranch somewhere in Ohio, and there have been more than thirty episodes thus far, plenty of content for those new to the experience.  The selection ofContinue reading “#246 – Burgers by Hot Tuna”

#245 – Low Love E by CYGO

It seems like a fitting gesture to say “good riddance” and send off #45 with a prominent Russian artist.  His political career began with the help of Russia so that’s who should provide the accompaniment to its demise.  This will go down as one of the ugliest and most embarrassing days in American history.  It’sContinue reading “#245 – Low Love E by CYGO”

#244 – XX by BaBa ZuLa

BaBa ZuLa is a Turkish psychedelic band from Istanbul.  Their unique sound is based around a Turkish stringed instrument called the saz, of which they use an electric version with an array of effects to create truly original sounds.  This album, 1997’s XX, commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the group and includes a B-side ofContinue reading “#244 – XX by BaBa ZuLa”

#243 – Soft Drop by Tuvaband

Up next on our randomness world tour, we visit with Norway’s Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and her debut solo album.  It’s a beautiful collection of songs and sounds, punctuated by a really cool version of No Doubt’s “Just A Girl.”  I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I don’t usually care for covers being included in a studioContinue reading “#243 – Soft Drop by Tuvaband”

#242 – Say Goodbye to Memory Den by DYGL

Continuing with our current theme of arbitrary multicultural selections, I found today’s album with a search for “Asian indie rock” on Spotify.  It delivered what it promised and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m not sure what better or easier route I can take to discover new, non-American artists, so this will have to do forContinue reading “#242 – Say Goodbye to Memory Den by DYGL”