#161 – Ego Death by The Internet

I can’t bring myself to actually watch the confirmation hearings that have been going on this week.  The pageantry of it all is ridiculous, with both sides pretending they aren’t just going through the motions in the process of a foregone conclusion.  There does seem to be, however, a pretty good drinking game to beContinue reading “#161 – Ego Death by The Internet”

#158 – The Fragile Army by The Polyphonic Spree

As we continue to approach what may prove to be the most important election in American history, and the evidence of the president’s misdeeds continues to pile up, various factions are getting more desperate and paranoid and are ramping up their rhetoric and activities.  The news of the plot to kidnap the governor of MichiganContinue reading “#158 – The Fragile Army by The Polyphonic Spree”

#156 – Sleepless Night by Yo La Tengo

This band comes up in my Spotify account so frequently, it’s a little weird that I’ve taken this long to choose one of their albums.  I always thought they were a Spanish speaking artist, which now seems a little silly, knowing of their cult-like following in the indie rock world.  So now I have discoveredContinue reading “#156 – Sleepless Night by Yo La Tengo”

#155 – Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert

As I’ve been thinking about Eddie Van Halen over the past couple of days, the sheer number of artists whose careers arguably might not have existed if not for him is pretty amazing.  A whole genre of virtuosic guitar technicians came about, with almost classical-style instrumental compositions.  There was a time in my musical journeyContinue reading “#155 – Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert”

#153 – Diver Down by Van Halen

The world lost a guitar legend today.  In the ever-increasing history of guitar music, there are people who come along now and again who create something completely new an original.  Eddie Van Halen is one of these, whose contribution to the guitar world was so massive that he will continue to inspire young musicians forContinue reading “#153 – Diver Down by Van Halen”

#152 – Abandoned Luncheonette by Hall & Oates

It’s incredible the sheer volume of music available and the relatively narrow selection from which most people partake.  I’m certainly not claiming that I have the largest frame of reference of any music fan, but I am open to listening to anything.  The random artists that your friends or coworker are aware of could beContinue reading “#152 – Abandoned Luncheonette by Hall & Oates”