#200 – Money Money 2020 by The Network

I completely forgot that today was a blog milestone.  After 200 albums, this project has become such a part of my daily life I can’t remember what it was like before it existed.  That said, I completely forgot that today was that day until I sat down to write this, so I ended up choosing a random, silly album.  A side project of an artist you are a fan of can be a risky thing.  On one hand, they are showing their versatility and range as musicians, as well as what some of their other interests are.  On the other, they risk alienating some of their audience who may not be ready to accept such musical diversity from their favorites.  This one is a new wave side project by the members of Green Day, arguably the most successful punk band of all time, and it is rife with their sense of humor and musical energy.     

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