#91 – Magnified by Failure

A consistent theme in this blog has been the “discovery” of artists that I now think I should have known about back in the day.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look back at their younger selves and wonder what they were thinking about a plethora of decisions made, but it’s still hard when I discover how many opportunities I could’ve had to see bands that I now revere.  Is that too nitpicky for you?  How about this: What level of irrational anger do you reach when you learn that your new favorite artist has been dead for quite some time?  Or that they haven’t written new music in forever, or that they say they’ll never tour again?  My live music FOMO is super serious at the best of times and, now that all of the tickets I had for this summer/fall are now relics of the free, naïve days of pre-COVID America, it’s becoming harder and harder to find things to look forward to on that level.  At least the music world has responded with a deluge of streaming performances.  Between that and the concert films of yore, there should be enough content to hold me over for a while.   

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