#38 – Black Caesar by James Brown

I didn’t realize this was a soundtrack album until about halfway through, but I stand by my choice.  James Brown was the man and I have no doubt that any album of his that would choose would be an excellent listening experience.  Embarrassing as it is, I was over halfway through the album upon that discovery and laziness took over.  As I listened to the song “The Boss,” I couldn’t help but wonder how things would be going in America if we had someone leading who could be accurately described in those terms.  Watching our president struggle down a ramp and then tweet excuses about how it was slippery made it seem almost like a comedy routine, especially if you can overlook the disastrous and deadly mistakes that have been made this year.  It’s amazing how much damage a lack of self-awareness can facilitate.   It would be quite an infuriating undertaking to catalog all of the collateral damage that that one man has caused in his lifetime. 

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