#28 – RTJ4 by Run The Jewels

This was a day where we finally heard from a real president on the future of American justice and a concrete strategy for making progress towards truly equitable treatment for all under the law.  In one brief Zoom meeting, President Obama provided us with more leadership and positivity than bunker boy has been able to muster in his entire term.  He also managed to do it without bragging about himself or insulting anyone.  It felt so foreign, yet somehow familiar. Also today, Run The Jewels released their latest album, which could not be more suited for the times we find ourselves in.  Apparently, it was released ahead of schedule, which, after listening, seems like a genuine public service.  These guys really lay it out there as few artists can or are willing to do.  In a pivotal time with such sensitive and important issues at hand we cannot afford not to make our beliefs known, and RTJ4 is a perfect example to follow.  A line has been drawn and you don’t want people to be able to wonder which side you stand on.

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