#27 – Black America Again by Common

Another day of turmoil in America, turmoil our dear leader seems determined to stoke at every opportunity.  The response to these demonstrations by the federal government and law enforcement at every level has been infuriating and seems to be almost purposefully validating the anger and the issues at hand.  On another day I might have recounted a story of meeting Common on the set of a television show I was working on, but such frivolity seems inappropriate while our nation is boiling over with no signs of a peaceful or productive resolution anywhere on the horizon.  Too many of our leaders are not getting the message or are too afraid or reluctant to get involved, further highlighting the broken system.  If they won’t take action other than to respond with force, we can only hope the people remember these feelings in November and send a message about what we want our country to be.  It’s bad enough that we have come to this place, or really, have always been in this place, but to get to the other side of this without meaningful, lasting reforms is unthinkable and cannot be allowed.  Let’s see if we can get America on the right side of history, for once in my lifetime.

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